Can cats eat Dandelions, Dandelions green and Dandelion roots?

Do you find dandelions in your back yard and afraid of your feline friend might eat them? Don’t worry; I know you have a question that can cats eat dandelions? In this article, you will find your answer to your questions.

Dandelions are one of the non-toxic foods for cats, so, yes, cats can eat dandelions. But do remember to feed them in moderation; it is very important.

Including dandelions in your cat’s daily diet is not recommended as cats are carnivores and prefer to eat meat most of the time. So, dandelions should be an occasional treat to your pet cats for their good health.

If your feline friend eats too many dandelions, then it might suffer from stomach upsets and cause digestion problems.

If your cat directly eats dandelions from your yard, be sure that the dandelions in your yard don’t contain any harmful or toxic pesticides or herbicides on it; if not, you have to meet a vet immediately.

Eating dandelions on which pesticides are sprayed or used to grow can cause your feline vomiting and itching, so be sure to clean your yard frequently.

How to Serve dandelions to cats?

Dandelions should be chopped into small pieces and sprinkle them on the food of your pet cat. By using this way, the dandelions will be fed in less quantity and as a treat to them.

Feeding dandelions only twice a week is advisable. Feeding daily can cause health issues to your feline friend.

Keep an eye on your cat; it might try to eat the leaves or stem of the dandelions. This can cause breathing problems to your pet cat, so eating dandelion leaves and stems should be avoided.

Can cats eat dandelion greens?

Similar to dandelions, dandelion greens are also non-toxic for cats. Dandelion greens consist of vitamins A, C, D, and K. Minerals like iron, manganese, and potassium are also present in the dandelion greens. 

So, yes, cats can eat dandelion greens also. Leafy greens consist of proteins and can keep your pet cat’s health condition good.

As mentioned above, dandelion leaves may also be exposed to pesticides similar to the dandelions, so you ensure that it is clean before feeding dandelion greens to your feline.

Any harmful pesticides present on the dandelion greens or dandelions can be deadly to your cat. If you want to buy dandelions from the stores, then choose the organic ones and should be cleaned neatly before feeding it to your feline friend.

Feeding dandelion greens heavily can cause stomach upsets or diarrhea to your cats. Chop the dandelion greens into small pieces, which should be easy for your cat to eat.

Dandelion greens improve the liver function of your cat, and they also act as an inflammatory agent.

If your feline eats too many dandelion greens, then it may suffer from diarrhea. So always a little green is recommended.

Can cats eat dandelion roots?

Dandelion roots are treated as an herbal remedy for pets, mainly for dogs and cats. Dandelion roots consist of vitamins, iron, and other proteins and nutrients, which are very essential for your pet cat. They are used to treat your felines illness.

Potassium levels in cats can be decreased quickly, and the dandelion roots can manage this as they are rich in potassium. Dandelion roots can solve the urinary diseases of your feline friend. It is also used as a liver tonic for pets and even for illness treatment since many years.

As said many times, moderation is very important in your feline’s diet. A vet suggestion is very useful before feeding dandelions to your pet cat.

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