Can birds drink milk? What will happen if birds consume milk?

This is one of the most asked questions by people who are planning to get birds at home. Birds can be cute and beautiful to spend time with. It is a confusing question to answer, and people research on the internet a lot if they can give milk to birds or not. In this article, we will tell you if birds can drink milk and what is the food you can give to birds for their healthy consumption.

The answer to the question, Can birds drink milk is No. unfortunately, birds cannot drink milk. But birds can have fermented dairy products like cheese. That will be good for them. But directly consuming milk can be harmful to them. 

What will happen if birds consume milk?

As said earlier, milk can be very harmful to birds. Thus, it should not be given to them. It can take their life or can cause terrible stomach pain, which will lead to death also. A bird’s body is not designed in a way where the consumption of milk is healthy. Thus, it is highly advisable to be avoided. 

Milk is known as toxic food for pet birds. Same as we humans are allergic to some types and kinds of foods, so are birds. 

Why should we not give milk to birds?

We all are aware of the fact that milk or any dairy products contain lactose in it. This is why milk shouldn’t be given as lactose doesn’t suit them. The consumption of dairy products can lead to diarrhea in birds, which can cause problems. Some dairy products like yogurt and cheese don’t contain much lactose; thus, it can sometimes be consumed. It should be given in small, and baby bites only. 

Let us learn some new terms today. You must know that birds lay eggs but did you know that few birds also can produce milk? This must definitely be a unique and engaging term. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Pigeons are one of the most known and old birds. They produce pigeon milk, which is often called crop milk. They feed their child directly from their mouth itself to the baby. 

What exactly is crop milk?

Pigeons and doves produce crop milk. It is secreted in the esophagus, and that’s where it is produced. It is a pale yellowish substance. It has a very high protein and fat, which is much higher than human and cow milk. This crop milk is produced just a couple of days before the egg is hatched. 

Why pigeon’s milk is called crop milk?

Pigeon’s milk is called crop milk because it comes from a part of the bird, crop that’s why it is called crop milk. This crop is a place where food is stored right before digestion takes place. Just before the eggs hatch, the crop cells are into making milk substance, and then after the baby bird is born, they feed that milk to the bird for the first ten days. It gives the baby strength and immunity. 

Also, doves can produce this special crop milk. Some particular species of penguins can also make this crop milk. Flamingoes are also known to produce special crop milk. 

Now let’s see what are the foods which can be safely consumed by pet birds. 

  • Pellets: This is a type of food specially made for birds. It has got various nutrients in it.
  • Fruits: Yes, you can give your pet bird fruits also, like mangoes, papayas, kiwis’ plums, banana etc.
  • Grains and cereals: Grains and cereals like, oats, flax seeds can be given to the birds.
  • Greens: Your birds can also eat greens like cabbage and broccoli. Some types of grasses can also be consumed by them.

Other than these, your birds can have nuts, tofu, peas, and beans, edible flowers like chamomile, vegetables, and sprouts. As lactose is not suitable for birds; thus, milk should not be given. Other than that, these foods can be given to them, and it is liked by them and very healthy.

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