Can cat breed with other animals

Many confusions and questions are going around with cat owners or individuals to know,

If a cat can cross-breed with other animals other than a cat?
Is it possible to create a cat hybrid?
Is it possible to develop an animal having the character of a cat along with some other animal?

The answer to these questions is, Yes…. they can breed with other animals but, up to a specific limit. In fact, there are some of the present examples of felid hybrid, a hybrid between various species of the cat family, like Panthera. But breeding of cats with an animal other than the cat family is rarely possible.  

Can cat breed with raccoon?

Raccoons are almost similar in size to cats. Also, there are chances that the tamed raccoon may breed voluntarily with the cat. It can also be possible in a wild one since cats have been seen to nurse baby raccoons. Such a condition leads the baby racoons to become imprinted on cats.

So they may get sexually attracted to cats after reaching maturity. This makes no behavioural or physical barrier that separates cats and raccoons. 

But the problems stick to the gamete compatibility. There are still question that is it possible to get offspring from the mating of a cat and raccoons.

At present, there is none such report claiming the progeny of cat and raccoon hybrid. Many people have mistaken the ordinary Maine coon cats as a real mix from raccoon and cat breeding.   

Can cat breed with dogs?

The answer to this question is simply no. As creating a hybrid is possible by cross-breeding, but it is nearly impossible to create a hybrid of the species that are very distinct genetically like dogs and cats.

Even if you try to get a cat and dog mating physically, still fertilization would not take place as they cannot interbreed. In order to interbreed, the animals need to be closely related.  

The mating of cats and dogs is nearly impossible because they are from different and unrelated species. You might have seen some videos showing the mating of dogs and cats. These all are unrealistic as there has been no evidence of such successful breeding.   

Also, the ovaries of cats and sperms of dogs are not compatible. Even if the mating happened, the baby would not survive.

However, due to modernization, this might be possible in labs. But yet, no evidence is showing the result for the offspring of dogs and cats.

Can cat breed with a bobcat?

According to theory, all cat species can interbreed with each other. Though domestic cats and bobcats are not from the same group, still there are higher chances of the development of hybrid cat by mating them.

But the hybridization is extremely rare as bobcats generally see the domestic cat as food similarly as the wolves see the dogs. 

The likelihood of hybrid creation by the mating of domestic cat and bobcat is rare because they are potential rivals. But still, it is possible only under the human influence in captivity.

There are more chances of development of hybrid by mating between these two in captivity, but most of the hybrids are not born in the best condition at birth.

Also, there are more chances that the baby cat will be more like to bobcat since there is a strong impact of wild behaviour over domestic behaviour. 

Can cat breed with rabbit?

The simple answer to this question is no. Cross-breeding is only possible between genetically similar species, as mentioned before.

A cat is a pure carnivore, and its body is built to be a carnivore while a rabbit body is built to be a herbivore. Even if you try to mate a cat with a bunny, there will be no fertilization, and you would not get offspring. 

Many people have claimed for cabbit, a hybrid of rabbits and cats. But in reality, cabbit is fictional, and there is no such evidence proving the successful breeding between cat and rabbit.

Can cat breed with foxes?

As mentioned before, species hybridization and cross-breeding are only possible between genetically related species. Since cats belong to the Felidae family and foxes belong to Canidae, it is not possible to get the mate and produce offspring.  

Foxes are more related to wolves, jackals, and dogs. It is possible to create a hybrid by mating dogs and wolves under captivity. But creating hybrid from foxes and cats is nearly impossible. 

Can cat breed with skunks?

No, it is not possible to get offspring from the cross-breeding between cat and skunks. Some time baby kitten smells like skunks. But in reality, no cats and skunks can mate.

The pungent aroma of skunks from the kitten maybe because the kitten had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk or the mother cat chose a skunk before to have her kitten.

What animals can Cat cross-breed with?

A cat can cross-breed with genetically similar animals belonging to the family Felidae. They can breed with other cat species, lion, tiger, or other big cats under captivity.
The domestic cat can also breed and reproduce after mating with big cats, but the mating is possible only in captivity under human influence. 

Can cats breed with other animals?

Generally, big cats can breed with other animals to produce a hybrid. You might not have heard of liger. Liger is a result of the mating of a male lion and a female tiger.

Similarly, there is Tigon also presents that is the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion. Also, you can see one more example of leopon, the offspring of a lion father, and a leopard mother.  

These feline hybrids are not the result of nature. In general lion and tigers don’t mate in the wild and don’t cross the species line.

The examples that we have enlisted are the progeny of big cats that are cross-breed in the captivity. These hybrid offspring are destined to adore the wildlife parks and zoos as it might be fun for the people to see these oddballs.

Those advocating conservation of big cats are against this species hybridization as it has some dark side. This species hybridization, according to experts, has created much mess in genetics.

These cross-breeding in big cats has increased the chance of infertility and many other genetic defects. 

But still, there are some cross-breeds who are living healthy lives, and some of them have even the ability to reproduce. For example, you can take the female liger in a Russian zoo that gives birth to a Liligerin in 2012 after mating with a male lion. 

The bottom line:

From the entire article, we can conclude that cats can only breed with genetically similar species. The result for forceful mating between a cat and unrelated species will result in no fertilization and no offspring.    

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