Can Border collies be left alone?

As a good dog owner, it becomes our responsibility to consider our furry friend when we go out and leave home. In the case of Border collies, many owners question whether border collies can be left alone?

Like other dogs, you should not leave the border collies alone for an extended period of time. When you need to leave your dog alone for more hours, it is recommended to take help from your neighbour or friend to visit your dog. Similar to other breeds, border collies are also prone to develop separation anxiety and isolation distress. 

Come let’s deep dive into the topic,

Can Border collies be left alone?

Since border collies are a highly social breed, they should not be left alone for a long time. Border collies need more frequent stimulation. Otherwise, they get bored and turn destructive. 

Border collies are an amazing family dog that requires more commitments. In the case when you leave your border collie alone in your home, it may feel stressed and isolated. They chew or spoil furniture, destroy your kinds of stuff, and cause a mess in your house.

Can Border collies be left alone outside?

No, it is not recommended to leave your dog outside in a fenced yard. Leaving them alone in a fenced yard can make them feel bored. This may encourage them to bark at everything they see and hear. Once after learning bark in the yard, your puppy will start barking everywhere in the house, in the care, etc.

A bored dog in the yard can turn destructive. They may start digging holes and chewing plants and flowers. There is also a chance that your bore dog escapes the yard. Since border collies are highly energetic, they have more chances to jump the fence and escape the yard.

What will happen in the case when you leave your Border collies too often for a long time?

As mentioned before, leaving your border collie alone can lead them to develop isolation distress and separation anxiety. 

Isolation distress: 

This is a condition where your pooch becomes distressed and anxious when no human or other dog is around. This is a less serious condition till it has a worse impact on your collie’s life and overall behaviour. 

Separation anxiety: 

This happens when your dog become much attached to you. This condition makes your dog can not live without you for even a short period of time. Leaving your dog with separation anxiety alone can lead them to be anxious. This will make them destructive. This can also affect their mental and physical health. 

How to keep your border collie happy when left home alone?

In this case, when you have to leave your furry friend alone at home, you should follow the tips given below to make your puppy more comfortable. 

Give them your old unwashed t-shirt: 

Your smell can help your pup to be more comfortable when left alone. This is a powerful way to trick your border collie into things you are there. This method is only suitable for a trained dog. 

Go for crate training: 

When your collie loves to crate, then the best option is to encourage them to go inside the crate before you leave. These crates will make them feel secure. It is advised to leave the crate door open and allow them to go in and out. Also, keep your puppy in the room where they feel most comfortable. You should provide your dog with blankets, their favourite toys, plenty of water, and food when left alone. 

Leave them in a nearby kennel clubs: 

Yes, this could be one of the finest choices if you tend to leave your home station for more days. Kennel clubs can look after your dogs with the utmost care as they are pretty familiar with dealing with dogs. Feeding them on time, exercising them and taking care of, is the responsibilities of commonly paid kennel clubs.

Leave your dog alone with TV or radio: 

This is another great option to keep your dog busy with the general noise in the background. You can also use your own recorded voice to suppress the separation anxiety. This is viable only when you tend to leave them for a few hours, or else noises throughout day and night can cause unnecessary stress. 

Leave your dog after giving them proper exercise

Border collies are highly energetic dogs. They require much energy. Border collies without adequate exercise can turn destructive. So it is advised to leave them alone only after providing them with adequate exercise. Also, being exhaust will help in being calm. 

Pet cameras with audio: 

In this case, when none of the above methods comfort your puppy, then you can go for pet cameras. You should secure the camera in a safe place and connect it with your smartphone. This will help you speak to your collies and keep them in discipline. This will also keep them comfortable and lowers the chances of separation anxiety. 

The bottom line

So it would be best if you did not leave your border collie alone for a long time. If necessary, then adopt any of the above methods to keep your collie calm and comfortable.

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