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For proper physical and mental health, the Bulldog needs to have a proper amount of sleep. Bulldogs are a bit towards the lazy side, but sleeping makes them have a happier temperament to fulfill their role as a loving family dog for which they are admired, especially. 

Bulldogs are ideal as indoor dogs. These dogs love lounging around and spend some resting time with their family. Since this dog love sleeping doesn’t mean that they don’t love activities. They enjoy getting outdoors and doing some activities, but it should not be their sleeping time. While their sleeping time, they don’t mess around. 

How much sleep is adequate for Bulldog?

There is a requirement of approximately 12 to 14 hours of sleep for the Bulldog over a time period of 24 hours. This dog loves to lounge a lot, and as they get mature, they keep on becoming lazier even more.

The dog’s health and physical structure is not built for constant exercise or motion. They exert energy quite fast and thus require frequent resting in between exercise. 

This breed of dog has been popular for having so many health issues. Thus, sleeping helps them save energy for the time when they are not sleeping. This breed needs to pay more effort to play than other dogs.  

This breed is known to sleep the most compared to other dog breeds, but they look cute while sleeping. You will definitely love watching them sleep.

Why do bulldogs sleep so much?

If you have a bulldog, then you must have a query that why your dog sleeps so much. Even scientist doesn’t know why this breed snoozes this much. This breed shut their eyes for approximately 12 hours per day. 

  • They lack REM sleep

The most popular theory behind the sleep of Bulldog is that they lack REM sleep. Most humans spend 25 % of their sleeping time in the deep Rapid Eye Movement stage (REM Stage), while bulldogs spend only 10 % of their sleeping time in the restorative REM stage. This means that our Bulldog needs to spend more time resting to complete get fresh that their human friends get during one sound sleep in the night.

  • The Genetic Factor

It is also considered that the ancestors of Bulldog were nocturnal. They used to hunt in the night under the cover of darkness and sleep in the day time. After get domesticated by their human friends, they adapted themselves by changing their habits according to the human schedule.

How much sleep is normal for a bulldog?

Generally, a bulldog spends 50% of their day sleep. 30 % of their day spends in lounging in their house while staying active for only 20% of their day.

Is it normal for the Bulldog to sleep all day?

In case when your Bulldog spends most of its time sleeping, there is no need to worry as they have a habit of sleeping more. Just keep their exercise routine and eating, and sleeping the rest of the day will be fine.

When you consult a vet?

The schedule of the Bulldog for sleeping may change without any reason. But you need to take care when your active Bulldog suddenly starts sleeping the entire day.

It would be a red flag in the case when you feel difficulty to wake up your puppy. Also, the condition when your Bulldog goes on other extreme and start staying anxious and awake most of its time is not favorable for your dog. 

There is a need to take your furry friend to a vet in any of the above conditions and let him diagnose for any major health issue. Help your puppy get back on track. 

What affects Bulldog Sleeping habits?

The sleeping habits of Bulldog may vary during certain periods of their life. As they grow older, they tend to become more lazier and sleep more and more. Here we will throw lights on the factors that cause changes in their sleeping behavior:


Similar to humans, Bulldog also needs more sleep in the case when they are sick or tired. This situation is natural as they take more naps to get their body to recuperate and get it to heal faster. 

In case when they are sick, let them sleep more—sleeping more means that their body is taking care of the factor that is making the Bulldog sick, a kind of restoration.  


It is probably the major cause of the Bulldog’s sleeping habits. Puppies sleep too much. They tend to sleep every 30 minutes. But as they grow bigger in size, they don’t sleep this much. Young Bulldog is full of energy and love exploring the world. But as they grow older, they start more and more sleeping. 

As they grow older, they become lazier and lazier and tends less to leave their sleeping spot. 


The bigger the Bulldog in size, the more it sleeps. The bigger Bulldog tends to sleep more than the smaller one. 

Why do bulldogs sleep on their backs?

You must have noticed that bulldogs sleep on their backside. When bulldogs sleep on their backside, they demonstrate that they are feeling safe and secure in their home. 

When bulldogs sleep on their back, they leave themselves in a vulnerable state where they cannot jump to action if needed. Also, your Bulldog is entirely exposed in this sleeping position leaving their all vital organ exposed. 

Bulldog never sleeps in this position when they are outdoor or in the backyard or in the house where they don’t trust. They sleep in this position only when they are comfortable and are feel themselves secured from all threats.   

Other sleeping positions of the Bulldog:

Like sleeping on the back, other sleeping position of your Bulldog also tells some story. Some of these common sleeping positions are:

Curled Up: Curling up is the most natural position for most dogs, including Bulldog. This is a typical resting position for a bulldog because it makes the dog easily get up and react to the threat, if any. With this position, they can quickly bounce up and greet their loved ones. 

Also, this sleeping position protects all their vital organs, and it is also great for them to regulate and conserve body heat. You must have noticed this position in winter times, where your Bulldog tries to stay warm. 

Superman sleeping bulldogThis is a prime position when your dog is simply resting and simultaneously ready to quickly jump to action. In this position, they lie on their belly with their back legs either stretched or tucked in. 

Snuggled Next to another pet or person: Since a bulldog is a very social pet, it tends to take naps next to other pets or persons. This helps them to strengthen their bonding. This sleeping position is good for their mental health also. 

On the sideThis is a simple sleeping position that neither protects the vital organ nor conserve heat and doesn’t promote quick mobility. This is a simple, comfortable sleeping position when they feel secured and safe in a surrounded environment.    

On the other side, the sleeping position is a simple resting stage for your lazy furry friend. They tend to sleep in this position when they are happy with their lifestyle. 

Standing sleeping positionThis is a rare position. Bulldog sleep in this position only when it is experiencing some breathing disorder or body pain, or is just too tired that it forgets to lie down. 

However, in the case when your Bulldog makes its habit of sleeping in a standing position, there is a need for vet consultancy. 

Why do Bulldogs sleep with their tongues out?

Don’t worry about this, as sleeping with their tongues out. It is quite normal for bulldogs. It even looks so cute and keeps them comfortable while sleeping. 

Many bulldogs have underbite or overbite, so it is difficult for them to keep their tongues in their mouth. Also, hanging their tongue out helps them in regulating their body temperature. 

How to get the Bulldog to sleep?

Here we list you a few suggestions to calm your energetic Bulldog and get them to sleep:

Play some nice music: This will help them get calm and sleep easily. 

Create a routine: This will get them to know the time for sleeping.

Massage: Giving them a bit of massage will help them sleep comfortably.

The Bottom line:

In case when your Bulldog is consistently having trouble while sleeping, consult your veterinarian and let him rule out the underlying cause. Your veterinarian is experienced and will get your Bulldog back on its track.

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