Best mite treatment for cats

Having pets is a great thing, and cats are particularly adorable animals as pets. It is very important to look after them. This might take time as you need to understand their requirements. However, sometimes they can be affected by unexpected issues like mites. Mites can be dangerous for your pet car, and so it must be treated. It can also be contagious, affecting people in the family. This article will give you an insight into the best mite treatment for cats. 


The most common mites that affect a cat are burrowing and ear mites. Here are the common symptoms

  • The symptoms of ear mites are itching in the ear. 
  • The cats tend to shake their heads often to get rid of these mites from their earlobes. 
  • In extreme conditions, the cat might start bleeding from the ears. 
  • In burrowing mites, the cats will experience itching all over their bodies. 
  • They can lose a lot of hair in a day due to these mites. 
  • These can spread quickly to neighboring pets like dogs or cats. 


If you notice any weird behavior in your cat, then take it to a qualified veterinarian. The vet will analyze what kind of mites have affected the cat. 

Ear mites

For ear mites, ensure to clear out the earwax in them completely. But it is recommended to go to the doctor for the same. The veterinarian will use solutions or ear drops to do the same. It needs to be done carefully as it cannot damage the eardrum of your cat. After cleaning, it is advisable to use medicine to avoid ear mites in the future. This is usually prescribed by the veterinarian. This could be an ear drop along with an applicator. So, it will be easy to medicate the cat on your own based on the prescription. 

Mites on skin

Mites on the fur or skin are one of the worrying issues. It might lead to severe hair loss, acne, and bald spots on the skin. Various species of mites can cause it. It is best to consult a vet before doing anything. If you find your cat having symptoms like itching or acne, take them to the veterinarian. They will prescribe antibacterial shampoos or washes to remove the mites. If the cat has developed inflammation due to the mites, anti-inflammatory pills or antibiotics can be given too. Make sure to take the cats to a vet before the mites spread on your skin or the skin of other animals. 

Tips for keeping cats away from mites

Mites in the ear or skin both can be very annoying. It can make the cat restless and also make it look unhealthy. Here are a few general tips to keep them away from mites. 

  • As some mites are contagious, it is important to wash your cat regularly. Especially after taking on a long trip/walk outside. 
  • Use of a mild antibacterial shampoo once in a month can be helpful. 
  • Visiting the veterinarian often can help in diagnosing the mites in their body sooner. 
  • Frequent brushing or combing of cat hair will avoid mites. 
  • Keeping other animals in the home clean is essential. 

Other methods 

Here is a home remedy that you can try if you find mites on your cat. 

  • Applying apple cider vinegar along with water on the skin can help in removing infections on the skin. You can do this either after or before the bath. 
  • You can also use apple cider vinegar with tepid water to clean its ears. Use a paper towel to gently clean. Ensure to be careful.

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