Are Pugs good with other pets

Pugs are happy, fun-loving, and lively dogs who love making their human friends smile. Having a pug is a great experience as they will love you above all the limit. But sometimes, we humans have a busy schedule, so unable to give our puppy much time. This makes many pug owners think for a second pet who can give company to the pug. But then the question arises that, “Are pugs good with other pets?”

Humans generally think to have a second pet when they realize that most of the time is spent outside the home. Though pugs are sometimes stubborn and may insist on getting their work done, a well trained and socialized pug is a way more intelligent and lively pet. They are sturdy enough to get along with any pets.  

The pugs have a friendly nature. This makes them easily pair with other happy go lucky and stable pets. Also, they tend to love others, not to fight. So they can easily go along well with other pets. Pugs can also be trusted with cats, rabbits, and many other pets. 

Do pugs need companion pets?

Well, the answer to this question depends on several factors. All dogs are not the same. All of them have different social preferences and dispositions.

When you already have a pet in your home and planning to have a second pet like a pug, no worries, your pug will easily get along with your first pet. If you already have a pug and planning for the second pet, a breed with less aggression level and stable behavior is perfect for your pup’s companion friend. 

The need for the companion pet depends on your pug. In the case when your pug lives with any other pet for long, but suddenly the companion pet passes. In this case, the pug may get upset and will require some time to get over. But the good thing is that there are more chances that he will soon recover and will be fine. 

Do pugs get bored when alone?

Yes, when pugs are the only dog in the home can get bored and feel lonely when left alone in the house. Humans have a busy schedule, so they have to go outside the house. Leaving the pug alone in the house can make them feel lonely and bored. 

Since they are social animals, they crave attention. This also accelerates the problem of separation anxiety in pugs. Many research reports that dogs and other pets can share a common bond. They can provide the special companionship to your pug that a human cannot provide. 

So we can say that when bored and alone, Pugs need some companion pet to play with. But when the pug lives with family and always has some human company, they don’t require any companion pet. 

Are pugs good with other pets?

Yes, as mentioned above, pugs are good with other pets. They are a low tempered breed that can go along with any other pet. Pugs tend to be lovers, not fighters. You can trust your pugs with even cats, rabbits, and any other pets.    

Are pugs good with dogs?

Yes, Pugs can go along well with other dogs. When you already have a dog and planning for a pug to be your next pet, they will go well with your first pet. It will be fun for your pug to play with your already pet.

In the case, when you have a pug and planning for a second dog, you should select the dog that is the perfect pair for your pug. 

Though pugs are a low tempered and social animal that can go well with any dogs, but make sure that your second dog is also low tempered and easily gets along well with your pug.  

Avoid having high energetic and aggressive dog breed as they can hurt the pug. You should select the dog breed that is more suitable for your pug. Several breeds like Chihuahua, Rottweiler, Dalmatians, pit bull, and chow-chow are good with your pugs but are not suitable for families with kids.

Pugs get along well with Labrador because of their kind and gentle demeanor. Make sure that the companion dog you are getting for your pug should be small. So that the pug may not get hurt while playing. 

Pugs are more susceptible to health issues like patellar luxation, breathing problems, and protruding eyeballs. A big dog with more weight can hurt and inflict these injuries on your pug. 

Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, Havanese, Maltese, etc., are great dog breeds that can get along well with your pug. You can also consider another pug to be a companion for your first pug. 

These dogs have a happy go lucky nature. They have a similar personality as pugs have. The research also proved that dogs having similar personalities have a better chance to share a common bond. 

Are pugs good with cats?

Yes, because of their social and happy nature, they tend to go along well with cats. Pugs have a low temperament and calm behavior that make this breed lover, not fighters. So it is considered one of the best dog breeds that can be easily introduced to cats.

Are Pugs good with rabbits?

Pugs make a great companion with rabbits. Pugs tend to enjoy companionship with other pets. You can trust your pug with rabbits also. 

Are pugs good with chickens?

A well-socialized pug can be trusted with chickens as well. However, they tend to chase the birds but rarely hurt them.      


Because of their low temperament and happy go lucky nature, pugs are good with all other pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, etc. I hope this article helps you. 

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