Are Lanzones good for dogs?

Lanzones are exotic fruits having several health benefits for human health. It is a tropical fruit mainly seen in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Southern India. The taste of this fruit is often compared with the taste of grapes. Some also named its grapefruit. 

No doubt, this fruit is delicious but is it good for the dog? Though this fruit is having several health benefits for humans but are Lanzones good for dogs?

Are dog owners fond of Lanzones want their cute furry friend to taste this delicious fruit but wonder if this Lanzone’s safe for a dog? 

In this article, we will learn that, is Lanzones good for the dog? If not, then why?

Are Lanzones good for dogs?

No, Lanzones can prove fatal for your dog. No doubt, the pulp of this fruit is completely safe and can be consumed by the dog. But the seed part is mildly toxic as it contains cyanide which can lead to respiratory failure and death in the dogs. 

Though you can offer the pulp part of the fruit to your dog an occasional treat, even the accidental consumption of the seed can deteriorate the health of your four-legged friend. So in order to avoid any risk, we recommend you not to offer this fruit to your canine buddy. 

Does the pulp of Lanzones have some health benefits for dogs?

Yes, the pulp part of this fruit is absolutely safe for your dog and also offers some health benefits. Some of these are:

Dietary fiber: The Lanzones fruit is rich in dietary fiber, which is considered gut-friendly for the tummy of your furry baby. The dietary fiber content in these fruits aids in digestion and thus helps to please the dog’s tummy. 

Antioxidants: The antioxidant content of these fruits helps in several ways. They are known to improve heart health and prevent diabetes in dogs. Also, its benefit has been proved in curing various types of cancers in dogs. 

Vitamin A- This vitamin helps the dogs with their eyesight. Also, they are known to have a positive impact on the fur of the dog and thus a better look of your canine buddy.        

Why are the seeds of Lanzones toxic for dogs?

Along with posing the risk of choke and intestinal obstruction, the seeds of this fruit are known to contain cyanide content. It is toxic for dogs and leads to respiratory issues in dogs and sometimes death. 

The bottom line

Though the pulp is safe and can offer the dog as a treat, the seed is highly toxic. To avoid the accidental consumption of the Lanzones seeds, we recommend not offering this fruit to your dog.  

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