Are Cats a good loyal pet | Are cats more loyal than dogs?

Media often portray dogs as an epitome of loyalty, faith, and true friend of the human. Cats, on the other hand, are often considered distant and aloof. Well, this is not true; a cat can be just as loyal as a dog. 

Dogs are pack animals. They love to live in a pack and follow the person who is the pack leader that, in most cases, is human. But cats are different. They are an independent type creature who likes more freedom. Their loyalty depends on your loyalty to your cat.

When you take care of your cat, love her that your cat will love you back and show as much loyalty as a dog. But in the case when you misbehave with her, she will revert. She is like if you scratch her, she will scratch you back. 

Also, obeying the command is entirely different from the fact of loyalty. Your cat is loyal to you doesn’t mean that she will always obey you. Cat has behavior not to obey the stupid things, but she is equally loyal to you as your dog.

Are cats loyal?

Instead of saying that cats are loyal, we can say that cats are reciprocal in nature. It means that your cat will show its loyalty to you only in the case when you take care of her. 

Once they see that you love them and take care of them, they will show you the love you back tenfold. But in the case when you misbehave your cat, they will revert it too. 

Also, the cat is a more autonomous type. They are intelligent creatures and will not always follow you. If you command her to fetch a ball, they will just stare at you but will not obey your silly commands.

Are cats less loyal than dogs?

Often dogs are considered as men’s best friends, and cats have been portrayed as aloof and independent. But this is not true. Cats can be as loyal as your dog. 

But they are autonomous types. They will love you only when you love and take care of her. Unlike dogs, they are loyal only to the person who respects them and are kind to them. 

Dogs are pack animals and love to obey their human friends. This doesn’t go with cats. They are independent creatures. When you throw a ball and command your dog to fetch it, your dog will obey you. 

But when you do the same with your cat, they will just stare at you and don’t follow your silly instructions. This doesn’t mean that your dog is loyal, and your cat is not. Cats are also equally loyal but are independent types.  

Why are cats more reported to scratch or bite their owners?

Cats have a chance to bite or scratch their owner. They do this only when they suspect danger from their owner. When they feel that their human friend is going to harm them in any way, they will attack in defense. 

As mentioned, your cat is loyal to you only when you are loyal and careful. In case when you misbehave or harm your cat, they will revert you.  

Are cats good for first-time owners?

Yes, first time owner can also easily handle a cat. Cats can be easily handled with love and care. When you love your cat, feed her, talk to her, plays with her, and cuddle her, she will love you back and show as much loyalty as you expect from a dog. 

This way, first-time owners can also adopt and pet a cat with love and care. But make sure you are giving proper time and care. Make sure you never show aggression to her. Otherwise, she might hurt you back.  

Are cats loyal to one person?

Yes, cats tend to be more loyal toward one person in a family of multiple members. This is maybe because of the special care that one particular person offers to the cat. 

Cat is an intelligent creature and understands the behavior of her human friends. She has her own appreciation for the person who understands her need. 

Like we can understand it from the cat domestication. When cats learned that their human friends are a good source for their protection, food, and companionship, they accept the domestication proposal. The same goes in this case also.

When a cat learns that a particular person is taking her more care and offering more love, she tends to attract more toward that particular person. 

Why cats choose a favorite person?

As mentioned, the cat is attracted more toward a person who is her primary caregiver and who offers her food, protection, and companionship.

They are independent and autonomous type creature. When they learn that a particular person loves her more than others, she also starts loving that person back more than others. 

How to be your cat’s favorite?

In order to be your cat’s favorite, you should socialize with her from the start. Teach them and build your own social interaction source by offering her cuddles, play, and lots of love.

Giving time is necessary, but don’t forget to give them their personal space. Cats need their personal time while they sleep or take a nap.

Understand your cat’s cues like when she needs food, interaction, cuddle, playtime, or something else. 


So we can say, cats are equally loyal as dogs. But unlike dogs, they are not blind loyal, and their loyalty comes out of their desire to be careful to you. I hope this article helps you.   


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