Are Brussels Griffons good family dogs?

With a big personality, this 5 to 15-pound human toy will surely impress you. Just look at the big eyes of this little creature, and you will be smitten. They are available in four different colors: red, black, Belge (reddish-brown), and tan color, but all are equally impressive and will prove to be a great pet.

But the question is, Are Brussels Griffons good family dogs? Are they good with kids? Do they bark too much, or are fewer barkers? How they behave with strangers? Are they good with other pets? Etc. 

Several questions are there to measure whether these Brussels Griffons are good family dogs or not. The answer is yes for some, while it might not match the demand of some dog owners. 

Those who are looking for some little terrier-like dog that comes in a rough, wiry coat should consider this dog. While those who don’t want to deal with stubborn dogs, fragile dogs, excitable barker dogs, and notorious dogs should count this breed out. Also, they are hard to find and quite expensive breeds. 

 In this guide, we will present you with complete detail about this breed. 

Are Brussels Griffons good family dogs?

The little terrier-looking Brussels Griffons is often described as a complete set of self-importance. They are a spunky, happy, spirited, and comical breed that proves a good family dog for some while not suitable for others. 

In this guide, we will see how good breeds are for family purposes. 

Are Brussels Griffons good with kids?

Like other terrier heritage breeds, they are sensitive and proud breed but can turn defensive when handled harshly. Yes, it is possible to keep this creature calm with proper training. Still, we don’t recommend this breed for kids. They are not such good dogs for kids. When misbehaved, this breed can turn defensive and may hurt your kid. 

Are Brussels Griffons Good with other pets?

Yes, Brussels Griffons behave well with other pets in the home, but in the case when any of the animals invade their territory, they display great ferocity. Also, they start barking with excitement when seeing any stranger animal entering his territory. The good thing is that besides aggression, they never harm any animal. Their barking is mostly bluff and bluster. 

How is the behavior of Brussels Griffons?

If you are looking for a dog that is always eager to please you, then please count this dog out. They are very clever dogs who always take themselves very seriously. But their self-important behavior is always amusing to watch.

In the case, when not handled with firmness, they can become manipulative and demanding. Also, sometimes, their stubborn behavior troubles the owner. 

With a bit of chuckle on its notorious activities along with firmness about general house rules, this breed will prove to be a very good, entertaining, and pleasant dog to live with. 

Also, while meeting new people, they may shy or sometimes cautious. But with proper socialization, they will behave well with strangers and new peoples. 

How much exercise do Brussels Griffons need?

A half an hour of exercise is sufficient to keep this breed satisfied and healthy. You can take this breed out for a walk or some playtime, including romping around or chasing balls. 

Are Brussels Griffons good for the apartment?

Though they love jumping and escaping out of the house, still with proper training, they are good for apartments. You can train them to play here and there in the house only, and they will soon get settles in your apartment.  

How is Brussels Griffon’s temperament?

The temperament of this breed is loving, and they are often devotees to those who love him. With their comical and entertaining behavior, they keep amusing their owners. And their self-important behavior makes them even more entertaining.  

This breed is very brave and alert. They often seem unaware of their small size. The Brussels Griffons, despite their small size, confront breeds with much bigger size and often get into serious trouble.  

Are Brussels Griffon’s good watchdog?

Yes, this breed is considered a good watchdog. They often show protective behavior towards their loved ones.

Are Brussels Griffons barker dogs?

Yes, the watchdog characters in this Brussels Griffons breed make them more prone to barking.

 Can we leave Brussels Griffons alone at home?

The answer is a big No. They are a very notorious breed. When you leave them alone in the house, they can destroy your stuff, furniture, and anything in the house. 

Also, the breed is prone to separation anxiety, which will accelerate their destructive behavior. When left alone, they often turn into heavy barker. Sometimes, in loneliness, they can harm themselves as well. 

Are Brussels Griffons easy to train?

No, they are quite a stubborn breed, thus requiring more time and effort to train. Though they are clever dogs who have their own minds, it is difficult to make them follow the command. You cannot train them with harsh words and punishment. Instead, the harshness will worsen the condition. 

They understand only respectful and loving language with a little firmness. In order to train them, you should love and respect them along with little firmness. 

Are Brussels Griffons healthy breeds?

No, they are a very fragile breed that can quickly get themself hurt. Also, a slight step by you on this breed can kill him. Their behavior to leap off from the back of the sofa or from your arms can also injure this breed. There is a need for proper supervision and care in order to prevent this breed from any severe injury. 

This breed is prone to several health issues, including eye conditions like cataracts, heart problems, and orthopedic problems. With their short muzzles, they often face some severe respiratory problems as well. 

The bottom line

Basically, this breed is good only for those who can take care of him and invest proper time and efforts in raising it. Those who are having much more office or educational work should avoid it as the Brussels Griffons breed demands much time and effort. 

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