Are Beagles good family dogs?

The American Kennel Club describes beagles as an excellent hunting dog and a loyal companion. They are popular, loving dogs that make a wonderful addition to every home. 

They are excellent family companions and have a low maintenance cost. People who are searching for the perfect companion pet have a query or confusion stating if Beagle is a perfect choice for them or not.

This breed is said to be affectionate yet independent and has a cool temperament that makes them an ideal pet for many families. Many families prefer Beagle as it is sociable, friendly, lowr maintenance, small and versatile dog. 

Yes, inviting your new furry friend can also invite the spreading of the fur around your home. Almost all dogs’ breeds shed their fur; it doesn’t matter whether they are unhealthy or having some allergy or malnutrition. 

Some details about the Beagle…


Male- 22-25 lb, which means 10-12 kgs

Female- 20-23 lb ( 9 – 11 kgs )

Height: 13-16 in (33-41cm)

Coat: Short-haired, hard coat of medium length

Colour: Tricolour or white in combination with black and tan/brown or brown/tan.

Life span: The average life span of a beagle is 12-15 years.

The sixth popular breed-Beagle, 

Is Beagle good as a family dog?

Is this breed good as a family dog?

Are Beagle’s good family dogs?

The answer may be different for different families. Beagle is generally considered a good family dog for most families, but it may not be suitable for some families. 

This breed is bred to work and live in packs, so they are very sociable. They are also very friendly natured and love making new friends that can be human, canine, or any other animal, even cat. 

This breed is tending to be healthier. They are not provided with a long coat that requires expensive and complicated grooming.

This breed has the nature to thrive in a variety of living conditions. They can be easily reared in more rural areas to big cities.

This breed is very adaptable. Generally, they prefer to play in a big yard, but dog parks can be proved as an acceptable alternative in cities. 

Those families who are looking for a dog that is quiet, calm, and makes less noise should avoid adopting a beagle.

This breed is very loud and can bark more than other breeds. This is not suitable for those who are living in cities and having close neighbors with an objection to loud noise. 

Also, they are diggers that might not be suitable for you. Your dog will dig a hole and will tear up your backyard that is generally not acceptable by most dog owners.

They are also a bit on the stubborn side. This will challenge the training procedure. There is a need for more efforts in training to prevent your beagle dog from following his nose. 

Are Beagles good with young children?

The answer is somewhat yes. Beagles are good with children. Beagle is a calm and energetic dog with a playful temperament. This breed is liked by kids who love playing and are happy pets.

Beagles, after proper socialization and obedient training, are great with younger kids. Since this breed is very energetic and playful, they can become rambunctious and bump your kids at play. 

These minor issues can be easily prevented by teaching them to play gently and supervising the dog and the kids at play.  

Though this is an excellent breed with kids, still in the case when you have very young children or about to have children, then a beagle puppy may be a wrong choice as there is a need for many efforts and time in raising, training, and socializing a beagle puppy. 

This can hamper the demands and needs of your young kid. Adopting an adult, the trained and socialized Beagle is an excellent option for families with young children.   

Are Beagles good with older children?

Beagles make a great match with kids. Their playful and calm temperament makes them an ideal dog for older kids. They easily get along with older children. 

This breed is known to be one of the friendliest dogs. Though they are most energetic, they still have one added bonus of being calm and tolerant. This makes this Beagle great with kids. Your kid also should be very active in competing with the Beagle’s energy.

When you bring a beagle into your family, it should be young enough to socialize with your kids and the entire family. 

Are Beagles good with other dogs?

This breed is considered to be a great companion with other pets also. Thanks to their friendly nature, they love making new friends that include humans and other pets. 

They are cheerful dogs that love the company. They are curious and friendly dogs that are thriving to live and work in packs can easily make other dogs their friends. 

When you and your family members are busy with personal works or don’t have time to play with your beagle canine, then introducing it with the other dogs is very helpful. 

Beagle can play with the other bred dogs comfortably, and this keeps them active in any cases.

But sometimes, this breed might be a little possessive and stubborn. So, take care while introducing this puppy to other dogs or pets.  

Are Beagles aggressive?

Generally, beagles are not aggressive and possess mild temperament. But certain circumstances can make your Beagle aggressive. But with proper obedience training, you can train the aggression out. 

Since this breed is originally hunting dogs, that makes them more prone to hunting behaviour. This behavior of Beagles is sometimes considered as aggressive behaviour towards humans. 

You can prevent this behavior from developing in your furry friend with proper obedience training. 

Also, you can neuter your dog to keep it obedient and less aggressive.  

Are Beagles good with family living in apartments?

They are energetic dogs requiring lots of physical exercise. Living in a small space restricts their free movement. But Dogs Park can be proved as a better alternative to provide your Beagle with proper exercise.

Beagle can’t be in a single room for a long time; they require a lot of play space like a lawn or balcony. 

When you stay in an apartment, taking your canine to a park is a good idea, but when you and your family members are busy taking a walk with your pup, it feels like inactive as they are very playful.

So always an extra space is advisable when you want a beagle.

Can beagles be kept alone in the house with toys and food?

No, beagles require lots of attention and companionship. Leaving them alone leads to the development of behavioral issues like excessive barking, destructing behavior, and digging holes in your backyard. 

Beagles, when alone, can destruct your furniture and other kinds of stuff. It is advisable not to leave your dog alone for more than four to five hours daily. 

Are beagles good with working families?

No, there is a requirement of proper attention and affection to beagles. They can develop anxiety issues and destructive behavior in leaving alone in the house. 

So, the family where all the members have to stay outside the house for a longer duration should avoid adopting a beagle as their family dog.  

Are Beagles the perfect choice for a first-time dog owner?

The answer to this question totally depends on your lifestyle. As mentioned, a beagle puppy is not a good option for families with very young kids. But an adult beagle is an excellent option for such families, as this breed is good with kids. 

Since this breed is very playful and enjoyable, so this makes a good option for families with comparatively bigger kids.

If all family members have to stay outside the home for eight to ten hours daily for a job, school, and others, then a beagle is not a good option. 

As this breed spends too much time alone, it may develop many behavior issues like excessive barking, anxiety, or destructive tendencies. 

Beagle is an ideal dog for those families where the Beagle has not to spend more than four to five hours alone daily.

If you don’t have issues from the Beagle’s excessive barking, destructing behavior, and digging holes in your backyard behavior, then it is a good option for you. All these habits can also be prevented, but that needs early socialization and proper training. 

The Bottom line

Beagle is an ideal dog for families with sufficient time for their dogs. Count this Beagle out if you do not have enough time to give affection, attention, and proper training to your dog.   

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