Are Alaskan malamutes good guard dogs?

With their large and scary look, Alaskan malamutes are often considered a good companion for humans. Also, many owners have a query that is Alaskan malamutes good guard dogs?

Though with their wolf-like appearance, they are not so good guard dogs. This breed has the characteristic to approach every person willingly and have the least guard dog-like character.

When you see this dog for the first time, you might consider it as a wolf-type scary dog, but in actual they are a very friendly dog. They love meeting new people; they will hug and kiss their new friends or will simply settle down and beg for the food and treats.

Yes, it is true that they are not so good guard dogs, but with their lovely and fun-loving behavior, they prove to be a great family dog. Also, with their hound like the look, they are a good choice to scare strangers.

Are Alaskan malamutes good guard dogs?

No, despite their wolf-like scary appearance, they are not so good guard dogs. In the case, when you are looking to adopt a dog for guard purposes, Alaskan malamutes are not a good choice. They don’t relate to guarding dog-like personalities, but it is possible to train them. With proper training, you can make them work as guard dogs; otherwise, they are far different from guard dogs.

How to train Alaskan malamutes to be a guard dog?

There is a need for hard work and persistence in order to train your Alaskan malamutes. Given below are the steps to train your Alaskan malamutes to be a guard dog:

  • · The first thing you should start with is to decide the territory for your dog. Once the dog gets trained to protect the boundary, it will rarely allow it to enter its boundary.
  • · A trained Alaskan malamute will also guard everything that falls in its territory after the boundary training.
  • · Along with boundary training, there is a need to develop defensive behaviors to make it an effective guard dog.
  • · Also, you should train your furry friend to bark at your command.
  • · In the case when you have planned to train your Alaskan malamute as a guard dig from the beginning, then you can start this training from the puppy stage.
  • · The reason is that most of the dogs in their puppy stage are most receptive toward training. But it is possible to train the adult Alaskan malamutes also.
  • · Though it requires much more time and several months to train a stubborn, adult Alaskan malamute, it is not impossible.
  • · Before starting the training, make sure you have a full stock of treats and some toys.
  • · You will also need a leash or a rope to handle your dog. We recommend investing in a body harness to reduce the strain on its neck. Also, it will enhance your control.
  • · First, teach your furry friend to bark at your command. After this, command your Alaskan malamute puppy to bark at approaching strangers.
  • · Once your dog barks on your command or starting barking when any stranger approaches it, give him with treat or reward.
  • · Make sure your canine buddy receives the award just after barking.
  • · Now, simply practice the same with different situations. Continue the training until your dog starts following your every command.
  • · Now it’s time for the test. Take your controlled dog to the front door. Then call your friend new to your dog to knock on your door. Now command your dog to bark at him. This will make your dog understand that he needs to bark to alert the owner when any intruder enters the house, also, make him learn to bark until the intruder flees.
  • · Once your dog starts doing the behavior you want, reward him with his favorite treat or toys. Keep practicing until your furry buddy starts barking at strangers without your command.

Why are Alaskan malamutes not naturally good guard dogs?

The only scary look is not sufficient for the guard dog behavior. There is a need for a lot more to be a guard dog. The dog that tends to bark at every stranger is considered a good guard dog. A good guard dog has protective behavior that tends to protect you and your property.

Despite its scare appearance, the Alaskan malamutes are exactly opposite to what a guard dog needs to be. However, they bark on every stranger but soon become their friend and let them enter the house.

However, training this wolf looking dog to be a guard dog is the ultimate idea. Most of the people are afraid of its scary, vast look. And when it starts barking and showing protective behavior, no intruder will dare to enter the house.


So this is the complete guide about the guarding nature of the Alaskan malamute. Though they require training to be a good guard dog, they can be the best family dog without much training.

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