Are Akita good family dogs? Are Akitas Good with kids?

Akitas originated from ancient Japanese Lineage, are double-coated dogs that are popular for their courage, dignity, and loyalty. They are heavy-boned, burly spitz-type dogs of imposing stature.

This breed possesses a heavy, dense coat that comes in several colors that also includes white. They are massive dogs with a broad head and have full, curled-over tail to balance in the rear side.

The Akita dogs are quiet but fastidious dogs that are generally of an aggressive nature. But they also love to share their silly affectionate side with their friends and family. Many people want to pet this breed but are unsure. Do they have a query that is Akita good family dogs? 

Yes, Akita dogs are good family dogs for some families while those who are looking for a lap dog should count this out. They are a good family dog displaying playful, courageous, affectionate, and protective behavior. It is also great for the families who are already having some dogs as this dog is an excellent addition to any pack. 

These dogs should be adopted by a family that has the potential to provide firm and loving discipline. They are not the right choice for families with young kids, as, with their aggressive nature, they can hurt them. 

 Are Akita good family Dogs? 

Well, the answer is between Yes and No. They are good for families that are having the experience to handle the dogs and provide them with better training. With their lovable, affectionate, playful, courageous, and protective nature, they have proved to be great family dogs.

But this dog breed is not suitable for the family having young kids. As this breed is quite toward the aggressive side, so can harm your child. Also, this dog breed is not recommended for first time owner as it might be difficult for them to handle this Akita dog since they require a bit more training than other dogs so it might be difficult for first-time owners to train this dog properly. 

Can you keep Akita in a small apartment?

Yes, the Akita breed does well in small apartments. Though they require some exercise, but it can be provided by taking your dog out for a jog or brisk walk, or let them play in the guarded dog’s garden. Your Akita will stay happy in a well-furnished home.

Are Akitas Aggressive?

This breed originated from Japan, is initially bred for hunting purposes. They were initially used for hunting deers, boars, and the much-feared Yezo boar. Because of their hunting nature, they are more towards aggressive behavior. They show aggression that can be controlled only with proper obedience training. 

Are Akitas Dangerous?

As mentioned above, they because of their hunting behavior are an aggressive breed. So if it is not adequately controlled or in wrong hands, can be proved to be dangerous for nearby peoples, kids, and other animals. 

Though they are dangerous and have an aggressive nature, still they can be good family dogs. It is possible to control their aggression and make them behave gently with the help of proper training. This dog, with proper socialization and obedience training, will be a gentle and loyal addition to your family. 

Do Akitas need too much exercise?

Surprisingly, though with a powerful muscular body, they are not so active and thus require moderate exercise. You can easily meet Akita’s exercise need with just some brisk walk or a jog around your neighborhood once a day. 

As, Akita loves to play in the garden and explore the sounds, sights, and smells. But make sure that your garden is well secured, as this breed doesn’t behave well with strangers.  

Are Akitas Good with kids?

If you are having younger kids in your family, then this breed is not for you. This breed revert with aggression on being mistreated. Younger kids intentionally or unintentionally can hurt this dog, and it will revert with aggression and may harm your kid. 

These dogs have behavior to climb on young children and make them feel that they are under attack. They will react aggressively with them and may hurt them. 

Are Akitas good with older children?

Well-trained Akitas can be proved as a good match for older kids but only up to the point when they are not abused and mistreated. If the kid intentionally or unintentionally abuses or mistreat the dog, the dog will act aggressively towards them. 

This breed loves to play, expend loads of energy, and act silly with an older child. You can let your older child play with well-trained Akita but only under adult supervision. 

Are Akitas good with first-time dog owners?

We don’t recommend Akitas for a first-time dog owner. As mentioned above, they are aggressive type breed, so it might be difficult for the first time owner to control this dog. Also, it requires proper and consistent training for a long time which might be not so convenient for first-time dog owners.  

In this case, when the owner is not so handy with the Akita’s traits, it can be dangerous for them. They are powerful dogs that can harm you, kids, and other animals.  

Are Akitas Difficult to Train?

Since this breed is more aggressive, stubborn, powerful, reserved with strangers, and protect, thus requires a bit more training in comparison to other dogs. There is a requirement of the firm and consistent training from an early age to build your Akita dog disciplined and social. 

It is recommended to start the training as soon as your puppy walks into your home. It is not easy to train Akita. There is a need for proper but correct methods of training to train this dog. 

Rewarding your dog with a treat on good behavior is not an appropriate method for this dog. They might start seeing this training method for their personal gains. They will behave well for the treat, but their behavior is not guaranteed. They can behave aggressively in the case when they are mistreated and thinks the aggression more valuable than the treat.

The best training method to train Akita is the respective method. This method will help your Akita to learn the way to respect their leader by obeying their commands and praise. 

Are Akitas good with other pets?

They generally do not go well along with other pets. They are a generally great choice as a one-dog household. These dogs are bold, stubborn, and powerful dogs so they can be dangerous for other pets.  

Are Akitas Good Guard Dogs?

Absolutely, they are great guard dogs. With this breed, you will not require to have some security system, as this dog has protective behavior. This dog breed is known for its loyalty, attention, bravery, and very sharp guarding behavior. 

This breed is highly sensitive and will investigate even the minor hint of stranger intrusion into its family. The good thing is that they do their guarding job silently and will bark only in the case when they suspect someone stranger entering the house. They will only bark to alarm you for the strange intrusion in your house. So it would be best if you always took the bark of your Akita seriously as there will be something wrong.   

Do Akitas Shed too much?

Despite dense, luxurious, thick, double coat, they do not shed too much. They are a clean breed that has a bit of doggy odor. As hair shedding is not a big problem with these dogs, there is a minimal requirement of grooming. 

They do not shed too much throughout the year but have at least two seasons on which they shed profusely. During their blowout the season, they shed so profusely that you will see the dog’s hair all-around your house. The hairs will come out in clumps and is not so good a time for allergic peoples. 

However, it is possible to control the shedding and to spread of hairs all around the house using proper grooming patterns. Regular and complete brushing will help you control the problem of hair shedding in your dog.

Can Akitas be left alone?

Yes, in most cases, you can leave your Akita alone in your house without any issue. However, sometimes, they may suffer from separation anxiety and cause some destruction in your house.  

Do Akitas Bark too much?

No, this breed does not bark unless they have some good reason. However, it depends on their mood. They can bark a lot unless they are around strangers. 

Many owners also report that this dog shows their opinions on everything and express them with sounds like moans, grunts, and mumbles.  

Do Akitas Drool too much?

All dogs have a habit of drooling up to some extent. There is some problem in the case when your dog is not drooling. The same goes for Akita. They are generally tight-lipped dogs that do not too much. 

Some hormonal response to other dogs in the dog’s park, response to motion sickness and anxiety, some mouth issues like tooth decay, heat and heat stroke, hormonal response to breeding, following drinking, excessive panting after exercise, etc. are some of the most common reason for the drooling of this dog.

The bottom line

SO these are all about Akita. If you are having the experience to handle powerful dogs and can train your dog well, then go for this breed,  

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