Are Cocker spaniels a good family dog?

The cocker spaniel, the beautiful looking dog, is a cheerful buddy that can form a great addition to your family. They are easy-going, lively dogs that can adapt to any situation. This breed is characterized by its gentle, easy-going, friendly, and affectionate personality. But before going to adapt a cocker spaniel, many owners have a query that “Is a cocker spaniel a good family dog?”

Yes, a cocker spaniel with proper socialization and obedience training can form a great addition to your family. They are gentle, lovable, and good with kids, well-suited as companion dog, obedient and devoted, mild-mannered, friendly, energetic, athletic, and active dog.

But in the case when you are looking for some low maintenance dog, then count it out from your list. They need much care of their coat, and it should be groomed regularly. 

If you are from a family that does not have time to give proper care, cannot spare time on their maintenance, grooming session, and adequate exercise, this dog is not suited for you.

In the case of poor socialization and lack of training, this cocker spaniel can turn into an aggressive, snappy, and fearful dog. Also, they are more prone to separation anxiety and need proper time and attention. 

Are cocker spaniels good family Dog?

Yes, they can prove to be a good family dog after proper training and socialization. They are good with kids and also perfect for first-time owners.

They have an affectionate yet lively personality and are full of energy. This dog is not so perfect for busy families who do not have time to provide this dog with adequate exercise.

Without exercise, they can turn destructive. Also, the cocker spaniel requires proper maintenance of its heavy and dense lustrous coat.

The dog looks beautiful because of its lustrous coat, but it requires much effort to maintain its coat. There is a need for regular grooming and care of the coat. Also, they are more prone to shedding. So without proper care, their coat may turn rough and sparse. 

Are cocker spaniels aggressive with family?

Although they are ranked as the 6th most popular breed and the best family dog but are aggressive type dogs, they may show aggressiveness in the case when you don’t handle them properly. Also, the aggression depends on the individual dog.

But the good news is that you can easily control their aggression by proper obedience training. It is possible to make the most aggressive dog to learn gentle ways. 

With adequate socialization and obedience training, it is possible to make them learn to behave gently. It is recommended to expose your cocker spaniel to different circumstances, pets, dogs, and peoples.

Also, reward them with a treat in case of positive interaction. Try to make the interaction as positive as possible. This way, you can make your dog learn to behave friendly. 

A cocker spaniel sometimes becomes very stubborn that requires firm but gentle handling. They cannot be controlled with aggression and violence, but they respond well to training.   

It would be best if you never comforted or reward your dog for showing aggressive or fearful behavior as this will encourage them to show even more aggression. Either put them in a crate or control them until they calm down. 

But in case when your dog has already started showing aggressive behavior more frequently, then consult the veterinarian or the dog trainer to undo this aggression issue. 

Sometimes, some medical issues may cause aggressive behavior in dogs. So consulting your veterinarian might help you diagnose and fix the issue. If the aggression is not due to a medical issue but due to a behavioral issue, meet your dog trainer. 

Are cocker spaniels good with young kids?        

Yes, cocker spaniel makes a good companion for your kids. A fully trained and socialized cocker spaniel dog is completely safe with your young kid. They have willing and intelligent behavior and will take care of your kid. They get along well with kids. 

But make sure the cocker spaniel you are leaving with your kid is fully socialized. Without training, they are aggressive and may harm your kid. Also, always let your kid play with a cocker spaniel in your supervision, as this breed requires firm handling.

Are Cocker spaniels good with older kids?

Yes, they can get along with older kids as long as the dog is raised with the kids, and they are kind and respectful. But when the kids start behaving disrespectfully, the dog can turn aggressive and might hurt your kid. So we advise you to never leave your kids alone with this breed unless you are sure. 

Are cocker spaniels good with other pets?

A completely socialized and fully trained cocker spaniel is a gentle, polite, loving, and trustworthy family dog that can get along with all other pets. But when they are mistreated, they can become aggressive and hurt small pets. 

The unsocialized cocker spaniel tends to show dominant and aggressive behavior and does not go well with small pets, cats, and others. 

Can cocker spaniel be left alone in the house?

This is a drawback with this dog as they have a severe issue of separation anxiety. When you leave them alone, they will start showing anxiety and stressed behavior, even for a little time. Alone in the house, they can damage your furniture and dig in your backyard.  

Even picking up your car’s key can trigger your furry boy’s anxiety, and they will start showing destructive behavior. Luckily it is possible to minimize their anxiety. With proper training, you can teach your puppy to stay alone in the house with toys, radio, water, and food. 

Are cocker spaniels good apartment dogs?

Yes, this breed is well suited to live in small apartments. Though they require some exercise and love to play outside, but you can fulfill its demand by taking your dog to a nearby dog’s park.

They are known to bark a lot but not unnecessarily. Hence not being a nuisance barker, it is well suitable for the apartment lifestyle. Cocker spaniel does not require vast space to roam. Also, 30 minutes of the brisk daily walk can keep your pup happy and trim.

Are cocker spaniels good for first-time owners?

Cocker spaniels have a gentle, friendly, and kind personality. They are a sociable type of dog and can develop a quick bond with their owner. A fully trained and socialized cocker spaniel is perfect for first time owner also. 

The first-time dog owner needs to learn is to behave gently with this dog; it will get along with them very well. This dog can be easily controlled with a firm and gentle approach.

Are cocker spaniels good with working family?

No cocker spaniels require time and effort. In the case when all of your family members stay outside day time, this can lead to the development of behavioral issues in your buddy. Separation anxiety is a major issue that can make this dog turn anxious, stressed, and destructive. 

Also, they require more maintenance. Their coat needs to be groomed regularly and requires regular ear hygiene. For working families, it is less possible to invest so much time in grooming and taking care of this pet.  

Are cocker spaniels easy to train?

Though they are stubborn, they are really good at training. You can easily train your cocker spaniel and make them learn to stop showing aggressive behavior. 

It is impossible to control your puppy with violence or aggression; you can handle them gently but with firm commands. They do respond very well to training.

Does cocker spaniel have a favorite person?

Yes, cocker spaniels are considered as one-person dogs as they bond strongly with one person in the family. They generally develop a special bond with the person who cares for them or provides him primary care like grooming, feeding, etc. They prove to be extremely possessive as well.

Cocker spaniel loves the person more who spends time with him or play with him. You can build your special bond with your puppy by spending some playful and good time feeding and caring for your furry buddy.

Particularly it’s so happy making dog and best companion for them with depression and anxiety disorders which can help them pull out of it with their lovable one person bonding.

Are Cocker Spaniels good Service dogs?

Service dogs are the ones that support and benefit the pet owners both physically and emotionally. These service dogs are specially meant for those who are physically and mentally disabled as they can act as guide dogs.

The cocker spaniels satisfy every need as service dogs and can be rated high under this category. There are many such qualities in cocker spaniels that would promote them to be service dogs. Such as,

  • They are known to be so affectionate and friendly with strangers as well. Hence, by providing small training, they can be more effective as service dogs.
  • They are not aggressive and follow your every instruction with humbleness, and stays loyal.
  • They are very possessive dogs and loving, which willingly gets engaged around you and watches for you.
  • They are quite calm and energetic, thus can help you out in all the possible ways to be in your service.
  • They are the best companion dogs for people, mainly in stress, depression, and anxiety, and justifies their role as service dogs in that aspect.

Are Cocker Spaniels good watchdogs or good guard dogs?

Before we analyze the answer first thing to be known is the difference between watchdogs and guard dogs. Watchdogs show up or alert their owner on new things, strangers, and threats, if any, whereas guard dogs are those who alert their owners and are trained to defend them; they get assurance from the owner.

Based on this, we can categorize Cocker Spaniels as a pretty good watchdog but as a very poor guard dog. They are extremely energetic and good at barking at things they feel strange to them.

In fact, they are particular in notifying the owner about unknown people or things or any threats. But as already said, they are extremely affectionate and becomes friend easily; hence once a greeting or reward from a stranger makes them close.

Though they are energetic, their non-aggressive attitude makes them self-protective, and they do not put themselves forward to offend most of the time. 


This dog can be a great addition to your family. A properly socialized and trained cocker spaniel goes well with your kids, pets and can be handled easily even by the first time owner.

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